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December 2015

The battle for Timor-Leste’s past
(December 30, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
In 1975, Indonesian forces invaded Timor-Leste, heralding an occupation that lasted 24 years and claimed the lives of up to a third of the population. Forty years later, another clash is underway: an internal “history war” over the official narrative of the country’s turbulent past

Talent spotter
(December 7, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
The world’s largest photo agency, Getty Images, is shifting focus in the region. Local photographers are the future, according to Kumiko Shimamoto, the company’s vice-president in Asia

Manuel Roxas II, the establishment choice for Philippine president
(December 2, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Manuel Roxas II is the presidential preference of both the Philippines’ current leader and the country’s ruling party, but recent slipups may have dented his chances of landing the top job

November 2015

Spotify wants to “be everywhere” in Southeast Asia
(November 17, 2015 – Focus Asean)
Behind the scenes at the Asia headquarters of music-streaming giant Spotify in Singapore

Singapore bets big on bioprinting
(November 11, 2015– Southeast Asia Globe)
Creating human skin and functioning livers are just two of bioprinting’s possibilities, and Singapore is hoping to become a global player in the business of mending mortals

October 2015

Divided they fall: Cambodia’s unions
(October 21, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Last year, trade unionism in Cambodia appeared to have reached its high-water mark. But with minimum wage negotiations taking place this month, there are already concerns it has become a divided and weakened movement

Gang of four: Cambodia’s new political parties
(October 1, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Four new political parties have entered the fray in Cambodia since the start of the year. And it’s not just the long-ruling Cambodian People’s Party in their sights, but the opposition too

September 2015

Dili delights
(September 23, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
One doesn’t need to leave the capital of Timor-Leste to find a bucolic paradise where world-class beaches and historical sites vie for visitors’ attention in one of the region’s best-kept travel secrets

Escape velocity: Hyeonseo Lee
(September 23, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
One of the most vocal dissidents to escape from North Korea, author Hyeonseo Lee told me her incredible story ahead of her appearance at next month’s Ubud Writers and Readers Festival

Sweet Home Singapore
(September 21, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Synonymous with the travails of the poor, downtrodden and lonely, the music known as the blues has found a firm foothold in modern-day Singapore

Blood and Feathers: Cockfighting in Timor-Leste
(September 16, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
In Timor-Leste, young men used to prove their worth by decapitating members of rival tribes. Now they do battle via the country’s legal cockfighting pits. David Hutt delves into a world of masculinity, spiralling debt and martial arts gangs

Crossing the line
(September 3, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
The ambush of Indian soldiers by a Myanmar-based rebel group in June has reignited longstanding border tensions between the two countries

August 2015

Great leap forward: Energy 4.0
(August 31, 2015 – Focus Asean)
With energy usage a key concern for many businesses, Focus Asean talks to economist Yanfei Li about Southeast Asia’s potential to leapfrog into a new era called ‘Energy 4.0’

Everybody needs good neighbours
(August 11, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Australia has been accused of bribing human traffickers, paying off the Cambodian government to take in refugees and spying on East Timorese officials. With geopolitical tensions at boiling point, Australia’s actions could have damaging repercussions for its relationship with Southeast Asia

“The West didn’t just turn a blind eye to Indonesian atrocities – it provided support”
(August 3, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Clinton Fernandes of the University of New South Wales has unearthed previously classified documents that shed new light on the West’s support of Indonesia’s brutal occupation of Timor-Leste

July 2015

Tim Page: “Why Don’t I Obey My Own Body?”
(July 30, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
He shot some of the most iconic images of the Vietnam War, but Tim Page became just as famous for his ferocious appetite for life. Now 71 years old, the famed photographer says he still hasn’t taken his best picture

Mu Sochua: Woman of the people
(July 10, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Mu Sochua has spent the best part of two decades on the frontlines of Cambodian politics campaigning for women’s rights and justice for ordinary people. Southeast Asia Globe spent three days with the MP as she toured her constituency

The thinking man’s troublemaker: Noam Chomsky
(July 2, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Derided by Washington powerbrokers and ignored by swathes of the mainstream media, Noam Chomsky is, nonetheless, said to be the eighth most frequently cited academic source of all time – coming in just below Plato and Freud. Southeast Asia Globe spoke with the world’s most famed public intellectual and political firebrand about the growing threat of conflict between the US and China and the roles of both superpowers in the region

June 2015

Tara bandu: homegrown justice (
June 25, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
A centuries-old form of community law and order known as tara bandu could hold the key to overcoming many of the difficulties in modern-day Timor-Leste

Out of the black
(June 11, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Revenues from oil and gas supplies have been essential for an independent Timor-Leste, but with concerns they may run out within two decades, the pressure is on to prepare for a time without ‘black gold’

Absolute power
(June 4, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Geopolitical tensions over Laos are on the rise, particularly given its unflinching approach to the construction of dams on the Mekong River

May 2015

April 2015

Power to the people?
(April 20, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Much attention has been paid to Cambodia’s burgeoning middle class, but the emergence of a working class to complement it has rarely been discussed. Many experts agree that it is here and it is vitally important to the country’s economic and political prospects

Green is the new red
(April 3, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
As Vietnam commemorates the 40th anniversary of the end of the Vietnam War, there are accusations that the Communist party has lost its ideals and that it could be time for a radical overhaul

March 2015

An uncomfortable question
(March 23, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Human rights organisations are fighting the good fight on behalf of the region’s citizens. But as abuses continue, so does the debate over their methods and results

Gears of war
(March 20, 2015– Southeast Asia Globe)
Southeast Asia is experiencing a boom in the arms trade, but does that mean advances for defence contractors?

February 2015

Losing a legacy
(17 February, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Vann Molyvann’s name is synonymous with the golden era of modern Cambodian architecture. Filmmakers Christopher Rompré and Haig Balian discuss their upcoming documentary that chronicles his life and explores the Kingdom’s contemporary skyline

Farewell to arms
(February 13, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
For more than four decades, sections of the Hmong community have been in conflict with the Lao government, but is the resistance all but over?

Farewell to arms
(February 5, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
For more than four decades, sections of the Hmong community have been in conflict with the Lao government, but is the resistance all but over

A new cold war?
(February 4, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
With the United States’ renewed affection for Asia provoking suspicion from China, will Southeast Asian nations become pawns as the two superpowers battle for influence?

January 2015

Face of a region: Interview with Michelle Yeoh
(19 January, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
After shooting to fame with a slew of Hong Kong action films, Michelle Yeoh soon took the call from Hollywood, becoming one of Southeast Asia’s most celebrated actors. Here, she talks to Southeast Asia Globe about her Malaysian roots, kicking ass and rubbing shoulders with Aung San Suu Kyi

Behind the curtain
(January 14, 2015– Southeast Asia Globe)
A recent World Bank report found that doing business in Laos is becoming easier. But has real progress been made on the ground or is the all-powerful communist party simply paying lip service to the major financial institutions?

Pitch perfect
(January 11, 2015 – Discover Cambodia)
A night in a plush tented camp next to one of Cambodia’s most enigmatic temples renders ‘glamping’ an appropriate portmanteau

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