Europe-Asia Relations


No winning hands in palm oil trade war

Indonesia, Malaysia threaten to retaliate against new EU tariffs but both producers stand to lose from a wider confrontation

The EU and Hong Kong

China is no friend of democracy, as the situation in Hong Kong shows, and the EU must act accordingly.

EU seems to have forgiven Thai military ruler

However one wants to describe Thailand’s general election in March (the terms “bizarre” and “shambles” come to mind), “democratic” isn’t an adjective close at hand.

Fear of no-deal Brexit leaves Japanese firms considering a UK exit

Ever since the referendum in 2016 that decided Britain should leave the European Union, senior Japanese officials have been uncharacteristically vocal in raising concerns about the country crashing out of the bloc without a deal.

EU looks past ASEAN for deals and pacts

As foreign ministers pow-wow in Bangkok, there are more reasons for the world’s biggest blocs to stay apart than come together

EU, Vietnam to become brothers in arms

Two sides will sign a new defense agreement on August 5, opening the way for stronger strategic cooperation including in the South China Sea

What Boris Johnson’s rise means for Asia

New British PM is expected to promote trade deals, float gunboats and embrace China towards his vision of a revived ‘global Britain’ in Asia

Vietnam FTA: EU is more pragmatic than principled

Brussels’ decision to deepen its economic relationship with what is arguably the region’s worst rights violator is considered hypocritical by many Asian nations

Palm oil sprouts a budding new trade spat

Crop is at the core of an intensifying EU versus SE Asia dispute with wide implications for the environment, poverty and even arms sales

China and Russia close ranks as Trump’s trade war intensifies

Moscow and Beijing cooperation poses hard questions for US

EU’s slated new foreign policy chief a mixed bag for Asia

Josep Borrell will face tough decisions on how to deal with Cambodia, Myanmar and, most important, China.

Why the EU Is Struggling to Compete for Influence in Southeast Asia

Sticking points could hinder other deals, as Vietnam gains from recent agreement

Is it ‘fair’ to punish Cambodians for gov’t’s actions?

“Would you,” I was asked, “consider as ‘fair’ any measure that would affect any innocent and vulnerable communities that are not responsible for the current ‘democratic’ situation in Cambodia and why?”

Why a New Trade Pact Could be the Carrot the EU Needs in Cambodia

The idea of such a pact is one such way for the EU to offer carrots, rather than just sticks, that can help it achieve its reform objectives in the country.

No-deal Brexit could sink much of Asia

New research shows trade-reliant poor Asian nations will be especially hard hit if the UK and EU can’t come to terms on their separation

Europe, Vietnam reach towards major trade deal

The so-called EVFTA would provide a huge trade-promoting boost to both sides but Europe still wants more progress on Vietnam’s poor rights record

Eye on US, Europe looks askance at Huawei

European nations are following the US, Australia and Japan in moving to bar the Chinese telecom giant from developing their 5G networks for reasons of security

Beware Cambodia’s Europe Sanctions Hype

Claims of threats to the country’s sovereignty are vastly exaggerated and miss the broader point about how foreign economic relations work.

New ‘global Britain’ sets naval sights on Asia

UK says it will establish soon a new naval base in the region, likely in Brunei or Singapore, a move Taiwan has cheered and China will likely lament

What French President Macron’s Dispute With Chinese Trade Could Mean For Asia

Former president François Hollande expanded France’s ties with the Asia-Pacific. But will Emmanuel Macron now focus solely on China?

Chinese Muslim Dissidents Remain Protected In EU, But For How Long?

The recent detention of a prominent Uyghur activist in Italy last month has raised questions of whether Europe is also bowing to Beijing’s demands.

How A Kidnapping In Berlin Could Bring Down Vietnam’s FTA With Europe

Trinh Xuan Thanh was kidnapped by the Vietnamese secret service in the heart of Berlin last month is scenes that resembled “thriller films about the Cold War.” But how will the German government respond?

Europe Could Offer These Novel Solutions To The North Korea Nuclear Crisis

European leaders still believe that China can solve North Korean conflict. But is this “lazy diplomacy,” and should Europe help to destabilize the Kim Jong-un regime from within?


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