Interviews With Me

Cambodian election returns Hun Sen to power, interview with Loud and Clear on the results of Cambodia’s general election 2018

Houstonian Who Joined A Protest In Vietnam Is Deported, interview with Houston NPR on the deportation of US citizen William Nguyen by a Vietnamese court

Cambodia’s democracy continues downward spiral” Comments for The Asean Post (2 March 2018)

“Động cơ chống tham nhũng của ông Nguyễn Phú Trọng” Comments for Voice of America Vietnam (on December 06, 2017)

Can Hun Sen Box Out Cambodia’s Opposition Again?” Interview on World Politics Review’s Podcast (on July 7, 2017)
David Hutt talks with Peter Dörrie about Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen’s tactics to hold onto power and the state of the country’s political opposition in advance of next year’s general elections. 

“Debate Over Islamic Law in Malaysia Opens Religious and Social Rifts” Interview on World Politics Review’s Podcast (on September 2, 2016)
David Hutt joins us to talk about the debate in Malaysia over a bill to introduce strict Islamic codes and the challenges of managing the country’s diversity.