Tim Page: “Why Don’t I Obey My Own Body?”
(July 30, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
He shot some of the most iconic images of the Vietnam War, but Tim Page became just as famous for his ferocious appetite for life. Now 71 years old, the famed photographer says he still hasn’t taken his best picture

The thinking man’s troublemaker: Noam Chomsky
(July 2, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Derided by Washington powerbrokers and ignored by swathes of the mainstream media, Noam Chomsky is, nonetheless, said to be the eighth most frequently cited academic source of all time – coming in just below Plato and Freud. Southeast Asia Globe spoke with the world’s most famed public intellectual and political firebrand about the growing threat of conflict between the US and China and the roles of both superpowers in the region

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