Southeast Asian Affairs

Beware the War Against ASEAN’s Atheists
(August 19, 2017 – The Diplomat)
There is one “minority” that knows no borders, isn’t divided by race or gender, and yet still faces persecution across the world: atheists.

Why Southeast Asia’s ‘Stabilitocracies’ Endure
(August 11, 2017 – The Diplomat)
For many, the price of instability still appears to be too high to pay for democracy to take root.

COLUMN: How Nationalism Undermines ASEAN Integration
(June 07, 2017 – The Diplomat)
The problem continues to haunt the grouping fifty years on.

New age war on terror for Southeast Asia
(June 07, 2017 – Asia Times)
The ongoing siege of Marawi City in the Philippines marks the start of a volatile new phase in the region’s long battle with violent Islamic extremism


Beware the Specter of Reactionism in Southeast Asia
(November 24, 2016, The Diplomat)
The region is not immune from a trend we are witnessing globally.

Red dawn: A look at Russia’s own ‘pivot to Asia’
(September 16, 2016 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Barack Obama’s ‘Pivot to Asia’ has been snatching all the headlines, but Russia embarked on a pivot of its own well before the US

Mexico’s most-feared drug cartels are infiltrating the region
(April 7, 2016 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Notorious for beheading rivals and massacring civilians, Mexican drug cartels are expanding into Southeast Asia


Everybody needs good neighbours
(August 11, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Australia has been accused of bribing human traffickers, paying off the Cambodian government to take in refugees and spying on East Timorese officials. With geopolitical tensions at boiling point, Australia’s actions could have damaging repercussions for its relationship with Southeast Asia

An uncomfortable question
(March 23, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Human rights organisations are fighting the good fight on behalf of the region’s citizens. But as abuses continue, so does the debate over their methods and results

Gears of war
(March 20, 2015– Southeast Asia Globe)
Southeast Asia is experiencing a boom in the arms trade, but does that mean advances for defence contractors?

A new cold war?
(February 4, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
With the United States’ renewed affection for Asia provoking suspicion from China, will Southeast Asian nations become pawns as the two superpowers battle for influence?




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