The Philippines

COLUMN: Duterte and LeniLeaks: Much Ado About Nothing?
(February 02, 2017 – The Diplomat)
Was the Philippines’ vice president really trying to overthrow Duterte?

Catholic church withers under Duterte’s heavy hand
(January 13, 2017 – Asia Times)
Bishops are wary of criticizing Philippine president too much over his war on drugs fearing the strongman’s wrath

The Missionary Position: Divorce in the Philippines
(August 02, 2016, The Diplomat)
The Philippines is one of only two countries in the world where divorce is illegal. Is that about to change?

Manuel Roxas II, the establishment choice for Philippine president
(December 2, 2015 – Southeast Asia Globe)
Manuel Roxas II is the presidential preference of both the Philippines’ current leader and the country’s ruling party, but recent slipups may have dented his chances of landing the top job


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